This is a fun project that grew from my need to have a simple interface to convert binary opcodes to decimal notation while designing the OVERTURE 8 bit processor in Turing Complete. It initially started out as a simple 8 bit display and I kept adding features I thought would be niceties. The bits can be clicked or they can be controlled with the keyboard. To access the second row you must press shift. I have not implemented BigInt so you cannot use the increment/decrement functionality above 9007199254740992 (click the 54th bit [H]). To access the Hexadecimal version, click here. There are a few controls:

  1. The Tilde/Tick key (`) toggles mute. Enjoy the chiptune vibe :)
  2. Clicking a bit toggles that bit.
  3. Double-clicking a bit fills bits to the left of the bit, back to start
  4. Pressing End fills all bits
  5. Pressing Insert inverts all bits
  6. Pressing Esc or double tapping the output clears all bits
  7. Pressing Up/Down increments/decrements the counter by 1
  8. Pressing Left/right key/screen edge performs a left/right shift of all bits
  9. Pressing PageUp/PgDown performs a left/right rotate